Tech Valley Shuttle Named One of The Best Places to Work in 2023

November 3, 2023

Tech Valley Shuttle, an Albany-based company dedicated to transforming lives through innovative transportation solutions, announces its recognition as one of the Best Places to Work by The Albany Business Review in 2023, where it secured the highest ranking in the small and medium companies category. 

The Best Places to Work list is crafted through anonymous employee surveys where employees rank a variety of job factors that influence employee engagement and satisfaction. With the highest score that a company can get being a 100, Tech Valley Shuttle achieved a remarkable Best Place to Work score of 96.91, a testament to the company's commitment to providing a supportive and engaging work environment. Employee feedback via anonymous surveys revealed 100% of staff were fully engaged and motivated in their roles.

One Tech Valley team member shared, "I genuinely enjoy coming to work. I’ve never said that in my 23 years of working, and I’ve been working since the age of 15. I’m happy when I’m here. I feel good around the people I work with. The last place I worked, I was surprised my boss even knew my name because he never left his office. Now, the owner of the company not only knows my name but has a nickname for me. The HR department goes the extra mile to support me in and outside of work. My direct bosses encourage me and push me to reach my full potential. I feel like a loved member of a large family."

Another employee added, "Tech Valley Shuttle has created a workspace that values clear communication, something few other places of employment can boast. I am 100% proud to work at an organization that practices what it preaches and accomplishes so much in services that serve the greater good."

Trent Griffin-Braaf, CEO and founder of Tech Valley Shuttle, shared his perspective on the company's remarkable achievement, "Being named one of the best places to work isn't just an honor; it's a testament to the incredible team that powers our success. Together, we've created a culture where excellence thrives. We were historically counted out by society, but this is just the beginning of our journey as we plan to keep the wheels rolling to even greater heights and impact."

Tech Valley Shuttle, headquartered in Albany, NY, is on a mission to transform lives and combat poverty through innovative transportation solutions. Established in 2016 by Trent Griffin-Braaf, Tech Valley Shuttle employs 32 individuals,100% of the team is from underserved communities, 80% have been justice impacted, and the other 20% identify as having a disability. The company's diverse fleet of vehicles includes shuttle buses, vans, airport shuttles, and sedans, providing transportation services in the greater capital region of Albany, spanning a 200-mile stretch from Lake George to Poughkeepsie.

Tech Valley Shuttle’s commitment extends beyond conventional transportation services to a range of community-driven programs, including: community prison shuttles, student transportation, food delivery, and rides to work. 

Tech Valley Shuttle also actively practices second chance hiring. The company conducts background checks on all candidates for employment, ensuring that their records are compatible with the safety and trust values upheld by the organization.

Additionally, Tech Valley Shuttle offers a training program called "Roadmap to Success" to empower its employees and potential hires. This program includes educational sessions conducted at area prisons and jails, preparing individuals for a successful future and connecting them with job opportunities even before their release.

In addition to mentoring justice-impacted individuals, Trent also mentors and consults with businesses on how to become an employer of choice for justice-impacted persons. He has spoken at numerous conferences detailing how organizations can support underserved populations, including the Workforce & Economic Growth Development Conference and The Trucking Association of NY Management Conference.

Trent Griffin-Braaf's commitment to creating opportunities and pathways for individuals extends beyond his own company. He is currently working with over 550 employers and providing guidance on fostering the professional growth of people seeking a second chance.

About Trent-Griffin Braaf

Trent Griffin-Braaf, CEO and founder of Tech Valley Shuttle, is on a mission to combat poverty through innovative transportation solutions and empowering employees. Having experienced incarceration himself, he's setting an example for other employers, showcasing how to become a top choice for formerly incarcerated individuals, single parents, and veterans. In 2023, Trent was recognized as the Small Business Person of the Year by the Small Business Administration. He's a 40 Under 40 honoree and has been featured in prestigious media outlets such as The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Bloomberg Radio. Forbes acknowledged him in 2021 as one of the next 1,000 Entrepreneurs. In 2022, he was hailed as a leader in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for his outstanding hiring practices and comprehensive training, fostering growth from entry-level to management and entrepreneurship. Trent has achieved the distinction of being the largest BIPOC employer in New York and the Capital Region. Notably, Tech Valley Shuttle became the first black-owned business to earn a spot among the best workplaces recognized by the Albany Business Review. Looking ahead, Trent's ambitious plans involve expanding his organization's reach to establish a significant presence in New York State and nationwide through franchising. His vision also extends to consulting with organizations, guiding them in cultivating cultures that empower formerly incarcerated individuals, while simultaneously addressing systemic transportation barriers.

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