Tech Valley Shuttle Expands Fleet with New Propane-Powered 20 Passenger Shuttle Bus

August 3, 2023

COHOES, NY – Tech Valley Shuttle, a leading provider of transportation services in the Capital Region, is proud to announce the addition of a new 20 passenger shuttle bus to its fleet. The new vehicle is propane-powered which makes it environmentally friendly. Propane-fueled vehicles have virtually no carbon footprint, and they emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases than traditional gasoline or diesel engines. This makes them an excellent choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing performance or comfort.

"We're excited to add this clean, propane-powered shuttle to our fleet," said Trent Griffin-Braaf, CEO of Tech Valley Shuttle. "This is a first step in reducing our company’s carbon footprint."

The new shuttle bus is perfect for group travel, corporate events, and airport transportation. It offers comfortable seating for up to 20 passengers and is equipped with all the latest amenities. "At Tech Valley Shuttle, we're committed to providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients," said Griffin-Braaf. "With the addition of this new propane-powered shuttle, we're able to diversify the vehicles in our fleet with an eco-friendly option for group transportation."

Tech Valley Shuttle's new 20 passenger propane-powered shuttle bus is available for booking now.

About Tech Valley Shuttle:

Tech Valley Shuttle is a leading provider of transportation services in the Capital Region. With a commitment to safety, reliability, and exceptional customer service, Tech Valley Shuttle offers a wide range of transportation solutions for individuals and groups, including airport transportation, corporate events, and custom tours. With the addition of our new propane-powered shuttle, Tech Valley Shuttle is furthering our commitment to providing eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation options for our clients.

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